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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a disturbing new image of a young girl, getting a pat down by airport security. plus, the morning commute may be a messy one. topper's tracking another dose of rain. and a new plan to bring legalized gambling to d.c.
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now, this is a video that's got everybody talking tonight. it's a six year old girl undergoing a very thorough airport pat down in new orleans. >> the images you're about to see stirred up controversy all across the country and now the aclu is involved. we pick up our coverage from regan national airport. >> reporter: well now that this video has given so many people reason to talk we decided to show it to folks here and see what they thought about it. >> the sounds and images of this confused little girl caused travelers we spoke to at reg as national to cringe. >> that's going too far. >> the video of this unidentified six year old was taken at armstrong international airport in new orleans. the child is receiving an intensive pat down by the tsa screener as her mother watches. >> i would never let my child go through customs and let them do that to her, never. >> this mother of a six year old girl says she's deeply
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disturbed by these images. another mother we spoke to echoed the same sentiments. >> i understand touching slightly but sticking your hand in the front of her pants is a little too much. >> the debate over whether the screener went too far outraged so many that now even the americans were civil lib the its union is involved. >> a child who is complaining, i don't want to do this, should at the very least have been given some privacy. >> the tsa maintains children have been used to carry explosives in someplaces and they have to be subject to the same restrictions as adults in order to insure safety. however, that explanation isn't sitting well with everyone. >> i mean, that's something that most parents don't even do to their kids. i couldn't believe they touched her in those places. >> they aren't do it to us, we're adult so they shouldn't be touching the kids like that. >> after watching this video the sentiment among a lot of the people we spoke to is how far are these screenings going to go. at regan national, 9 news now. >> right now our facebook page is full of your comments on
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this video and we still want to hear what you have to say so head on over to the wusa9 facebook page where a lively discussion is already going on. new at 11, lights out along the national mall. now power crews are trying to restore electricity on the western end of the mall. somebody was digging in the area and cut a power cable causing the lights to go out at the lincoln memorial, korean war memorial and the traffic lights at independence avenue southwest and 23rd street southwest. they say it should all be restored by about 2:00 a.m. and until then, the united states park police officers and national park service rangers are out there in the area patrolling to keep people safe. well d.c.'s mayor and city council members are out of the slammer tonight after last or should i say yesterdays arrests up on capitol hill. >> mayor vincent gray was among those protesting congressional interference with the cities budget. but we're betting city residents will be surprised by what congress left alone. a plan to have d.c. be the first jurisdiction in the
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nation to allow internet gambling. we rolled the dice so to speak and assigned our gary nurenberg to the story. >> reporter: worldwide, online gambling is a $10 billion plus business. >> i think my boyfriend will be very static about this. >> she's talking about d.c. becoming the first jurisdiction in the country to allow internet gambling. >> we can regulate it and get fees on it so which means we get revenue. >> city councilman michael brown introduced the bill. >> it's called what's called hotspots but you have to have your laptop, a number that will identify you. >> probably initially at spots like hotels and bars. >> it's a money maker, a real money maker. instead of taxes. >> for 2012-2013 and beyond we're expecting a great deal of revenue especially a) since we were first. >> i think if it brings money to d.c. that's good. >> federal restrictions made it difficult to have legal internet gambling. >> i think it's a terrible idea. >> opponents believe the solitary nature and speed of online gambling can contribute
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to addiction or poor choices. >> it's taking money from people who can't afford to do it and using that for government purposes. it's a regressive taxation system that is not the best use of funds. >> the d.c. commission which supervises lottery in the city will develop the system which could go online later this year. >> you don't have to be a d.c. resident. you can come from anywhere but the gambling has to be done within d.c.'s borders and it allows the city to regulate it, track it and get the fees for its treasury which derek needs all the money we can get. >> certainly true, but what kind of games we talking about, gary? >> good question. the details were sketchy here because the city officials wanted to keep a low profile until the clock ran out of congress being able to squash this. now the clock has run, councilman brown says online poker and fantasy sports are a couple of examples of what we can expect. >> we'll be looking to see how it comes through. thank you, gary. well what are the odds americans are buying into last weeks budget deal? they would seem pretty good.
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according to a usa today poll, 62% of people surveyed approved the plan by a margin of more than two-to-one. the full story will be on tomorrow mornings front page usa today. president obama will outline his deficit reduction plan tomorrow afternoon. he is meeting with members of congress before revealing the details. the house and senate are supposed to vote to aprove the $38 billion in cuts before the end of the week, but the treasury department says that won't be enough to even put a dent in the federal deficit. now an estimated $1.5 trillion. well it is still raining out there across parts of the d.c. metro area but could it possibly stop by the time you're heading into work tomorrow morning? topper says here is a look at what we expect overnight. top? >> don't think so. i would prepare for a wet commute again. nothing heavy thankfully. let's start with radar and the showers and couple of thunderstorms set up east and west of town and have the d.c. split from north to south this time and heavy activity really developed out to the west of us. madison county, orange county,
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some of you are under a flood warning for the heavier showers and thunderstorms earlier. up and down i-95 pretty quiet. that will change overnight as the area of low pressure begins to go eastward. look at the temperatures. 20 degrees cooler than it was this time last night. 52 downtown, 54 in manassas and still 59 in fredricksburg. tonight, mostly cloudy, breezy an cool with a chance for a couple of thunderstorms and lows around 50 and brisk out of the northeast at 10-15. wake up weather i'd grab a light jacket and an umbrella. 50s to start at 5:00, 50s again at 7:00, couple showers and it gets lighter as you go through the morning, showers still possible at 9:00 with temperatures also in the 50s. we'll come back and tell you if it dries out for the wednesday evening commute and look ahead to the weekend. an update now on that gruesome murder along bethesda road. the lulumon at letica store is reopening . the company says the store will be renovated before it reopens in the coming
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months. its been closed ever since march the 12th when dana murray was found beaten to death inside that store. her co-worker britney norwood accused of creating that elaborate crime scene trying to cover up murray's murder. i'm in our 9 news now web center with controversy over new website, which allegedly paid homeless people to get beaten up on tape. the company later sold the video for hundreds of dollars. matt spoke to a man who once lived on the streets about the desperate trend to earn cash, but we have to warn you some of this video is disturbing. >> reporter: during this 18 months living on the streets of washington-- >> i actually lived on 13th and pennsylvania avenue. >> steve thomas says he saw firsthand just how poorly the homeless are often treated. >> people beating up on homeless people for no reason at all. >> still, thomas says even he was surprised. >> what does that say about us
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as a society? >> by the contents of a new website, these producers are allegedly paying homeless people between 25 and $50 to allow themselves to be assaulted by young women and then selling videos of the assaults for several hundred dollars. >> scandalist, despicable, ungodly. >> neil donovan agrees. >> it's sick. very sick. >> donna van is executive director of the national coalition for the homeless. the organization recently obtained a temporary restraining order against the websites producers prohibiting them from approaching homeless people. >> they go to parks where the homeless hang out. >> he says the videos are sadly just the latest examples of the heartlessness at times viciousness that homeless people have been subjected to over the years. >> there's been a group called bum fights. >> according to donovan the videos also represent a certain law of the nations moral conflict.
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>> i think it's, you know, an unethical and inhumane practice. to exploit someone is just unthinkable. >> 9 news now. >> we tried contacting the producers of they did not return our calls. you know when the flight attendants tell you keep your seat belt on? well here is why. take a look at what happened at new york's jfk airport as this plane taxied along the ran way. it's a huge air france jet and it accidentally elbows a much smaller, ouch, delta com air jet. >> suddenly there's this big bang from one side of the plane and just crushing noises. >> fortunately, nobody was hurt in last nights accident but both planes were damaged in particular i think the smaller plane. federal investigators do plan to review the flight data recorders and the air traffic control tapes to figure out just how something like this could happen. still ahead tonight. >> should i be afraid to fly?
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i get asked that question a lot. >> especially after the roof of a plane opens up and this happens. 9 news now reveals why some on the plane really are safer than others in some seats. why your survival could depend on what you're wearing, crash course is coming up. tonight-- >> i just want to tell you people, you are the best. >> dave's all new with foo fighters and a special top 10 from katie holmes.
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incidents this month involving southwest and air france planes have ignited fresh concerns about safety. >> tonight, jessica doyle looks at ways you can protect yourself on your next flight. >> should i be afraid to fly? >> reporter:'s doctor todd curtis talking to us says he's getting that question even more, ever since a five foot hole opened in the roof of a southwest plane earlier this month. >> these are still very rare events, but there's no indication statistically or otherwise that safety is getting worse. >> still, he stresses fliers should pay close attention to pre-flight safety briefings and if things do go wrong-- >> over time, looking at hundreds of accidents where there have been fatalities, the larger the airplane, the more likely it is there will be survivors. >> survival events like a rough landing or loss of control account for roughly 50% of airplane accidents. taking the right seat can make a difference.
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passengers seated near the tail of the plane are about 40% more likely to survive a crash than those seated in the first few rows of the plane. >> popular mechanics studied every commercial jet crash in the u.s. over a 36 year period. the survival rate in first or business class was 49%. in coach, ahead or over the wing, it rose to 56% and the survival rate jumped to 69% near the rear of the plane. what you wear matters too, should the worst happen. >> natural fiber clothing like cotton works better in some very rare situations. for example, if there's a fire and if there's excessive heat on your clothing, some clothing will literally melt on your skin. >> doctor curtis also advises fliers should wear shoes they can run in, if they're instructed to move quickly away from the aircraft. jessica doyle, 9 news now. >> now keep in mind that air travel is still considered the safest mode of transportation. there hasn't been a fatal accident involving a u.s.
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airlines since february of 2009. 150 years ago today the first shots were fired in the civil war. tonight, we americans are still fighting among ourselves over the symbols of that war like the confederat flag. in tennessee, a va hospital took down the small confederat flag, a paralyzed patient had over his hospital bed. the staff said several people complained about it and as the federal facility, it can only allow u.s. flags inside the hospital. >> i don't sigh wie it would hurt if it's right there for him. >> they want them flags? let them fly them in their house, their own house but not in public. one flag, a united states flag. >> the hospital is letting the patient keep the flag in a bedside drawer. well how much would you pay for a portrait of donald trump? before you say nada, nothing at all, take a good look at this trump portrait. this artist doesn't work in paint or pencil.
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he uses cash moolah. this masterpiece is made of dollars bills folded just so to capture trump's eyes, his strong chin and yes, whatever that is on his head. the 1400 individual dollar bills went into this piece of work. is it worth it? nobody asking that question about this, however. 50 years ago today a human orbited the earth for the first time. that was soviet circling the planet for 108 minutes and giving those of us back on our planet the first glimpse of the world from space. earlier today that soviet space capsule sold for $2.9 million at an auction in new york. >> okay. >> space race, anyone? >> yeah. >> i think that's worth it. >> yeah, that would be pretty good. >> what would you do with it? >> it's a good conversation starter.
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>> why is it in new york? that's the question. well we were almost 30 degrees cooler today than yesterday. we got fooled yesterday. good news is the temperatures rebound to about average levels. and we'll finish strong, enough to get through tonight and tomorrow morning. here is a look at the radar and notice what happened. it's kind of interesting. we had a big line of showers and storms just east of i-81 moving from south almost due north and another batch of showers and thunderstorms hammering the del marvaxe and parts of the bay. in between in the dead zone. really not much going on at all and there are flood warnings back to the west. in fact page and green and madison and orange counties under flood warnings until about midnight or about 1:00 a.m. most heavy activity is gone. i think as the surface low moves through the immediate metro area we'll see more showers develop, just a few thunderstorms, not that much in terms of convection that northeast wind atmosphere is really pretty stable. you'd need to plan for a wet commute. nothing serious tomorrow but wet. drying out very slowly tomorrow
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afternoon. very slowly, milder for the end of the week and in fact a very nice end of the week and the next storm, still slated for saturday and still looks like a pretty significant storm for april without too many breaks in between the rain. we'll keep you posted on that. here is our future cast. tomorrow morning we're saying wet. it's just light activity, the light green is just light activity but enough to wet the roads. out to the west maybe a heavier batch of shower activity from winchester back toward culpepper so if you're coming in 66 you're wet, if you're coming down 270 your wet and even coming in from 50 it's going to be wet. good news slowly but surely the showers pull out to the north but still showers even south of town down toward fredricksburg by 9:45 in the morning and even by lunch time, i'd grab your umbrella because there's still showers in gathers burg, downtown manassas over toward andrews and nothing heavy but enough to be pesky. slowly but surely we see breaks in the clouds by evening and it may take much of the day to get sun in here.
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by 7:00 we do see plenty of breaks in fed ricks bug and culpeper. further north you live the less chance you see of any sun. so you'll see breaks in fed ricks burg before you see them downtown, you'll see breaks downtown and after that we'll see dryer air move in, everybody clears out tomorrow night setting the stage for a very nice thursday and a very nice friday. overnight, mostly cloudy breezy cooler, showers and maybe a thunderstorm. low temperatures around 50. now tomorrow morning, showers are possible, cool temperatures in the 50s, winds finally turned northwesterly and a dry wind. that's good. by afternoon, becoming partly sunny and maybe a bit optimistic. it will happen late. a bit cool, high temperatures around 60 and winds continue northwesterly at about 10 so break down tomorrow for you, showers in the morning, 52 and showers at noon 58 and slow clearing or at least breaks in the clouds by evening, temperatures around 60. the next three days, we're going to finish very strong. sunshine on thursday, almost 70 and sunshine on friday just great and temperatures around
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70. all right, next seven days. saturday has not changed, rain, showers, thunderstorms, temperatures go back in the 60s and we should be okay on sunday with temperature in the low 60s with sunshine and maybe a sprinkle on monday and not really much of anything, temperatures in the low 70s and then by tuesday, we'll be spoiled again with highs around 80. >> seems like a pattern we're getting into every week. >> it's getting higher and higher. >> yes, it is. well tonight, the uso of metropolitan washington held its annual award dinner in pentagon city. the uso honored heros from each military branch and the volunteers who support them and their families. actor gary sinese from csi new york was there helping a special tribute to the metros 70 years of service and grammy nominated country music star joe nichols also performed. great little gala. >> and gary played lieutenant dan in forest gump, so he's practically a veteran himself. >> there you go. jason worth kicked the butt of his former team tonight. >> i didn't think the nats
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could do it. >> they did. jason's message to philly, you miss me yet? they did tonight. the former philly makes a point to his former mates and a big one. >> plus on the eve of the playoffs, the caps name a goalie. is he the guy to take them to the cup? 9 sports, next.
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the thing is jason worth would have stayed in philadelphia but the phillies only had one nine figure contract to handout this winter and they gave it to cliff lee instead of him and that's how the nationals were able to get him and if you think worth is out to prove the phillies paid the wrong guy, you may be right. first game for worth against his old team tonight and whatever message jason wanted to send, he just sent, fourth inning solo shot line drive to left for worth and his first at that the park made it 2-1 and levo made it stick. just one run allowed gets ryan howard there and then it was tile it clifford in the bases loaded jam in the 7th but he wisks shayne victorino, and the insurance came for the nats in the eighth, alex cora went through the left side as the
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nats beat the mighty phillies 7- 4 and the nats are five and five. pretty good. >> as we told you yesterday, ryan zimmerman was placed on the 15 day dl with that abdominal strain and jesus flores called up to take his spot. >> the caps needed guys with playoff experience and they went out and got some. jason arnett, 106 games, but the guy who will start in gold tomorrow night has none games. bruce budrow naming his game one starter tomorrow against the rangers and the 23-year-old has won 27 games this year, more than twice the total posted by simeon, and the coach has full confidence in his rookie keeper. >> don't be nervous, you're the best guy when you come to training camp. you haven't played in four months at that point, so you should be fine. >> it should mean a lot to me, being the number one goalie for the first game in the playoff,
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so it's going to be fun. >> like his confidence and he will have help on the blue line, mike green is full go for tomorrow. he hasn't played since late february with effects from that concussion. >> the nfl released its pre- season schedule which should have a little footnote on the bottom, warning all of the following may be void if the owners and players can't get their heads out by august but assuming they do play, the skins open at home against the steelers and then peyton manning and the colts andre lewis and the ravens, 30 miles up 95 and they wrap up at home against the bucks but then again, who knows if any of this will happen. skins did reportedly host three draft prospects today including runningback mark ingraham out of alabama. the nfl draft starts in 16 days and the skins pick tenth. >> serena williams is back on the practice court for the first time in nine months and how's this for a practice outfit? the full pepto i'm calling it. the folks at wimbledon just had
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a heart attack and thought she might wear that outfit. >> time to vote for your dchigh school sports game of the week or just show serena another half of a minute. two baseball, two lacrosse on the menu this week. good council number one in the nation according to espn, cast your votes. and finally tonight like most goalies, wilson dreamed his whole life about scoring a goal. always wanted to be a forward but turns out he didn't have to be. from 80-meters, and in! >> goal goal goal. he's from colombia. he actually got a yellow card after it because he took off his shirt to celebrate it. watch it again. that's a long distance boot and watch the goalie he's backing up, backing up and he runs out of room to back up and it goes right through. >> so that really happened unlike the fake ones we see? >> i wasn't there when it happened but that looked real. it looked legitimate to me. >> okay, that's real. >> we'll be right back.
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that is 9 news for tonight. don't forget we are always on >> letterman is next. goodnight, everybody. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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